* The CIC nanoGUNE and DIPC research centres have announced the prizewinners in the nanoKOMIK challenge.


* There were over 70 entries in this second edition of the challenge,and the most original ideas will be incorporated into an informative comic.





Donostia-San Sebastian.28 July, 2017. The research centres CIC nanoGUNE and the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), which specialise in nanosciences and materials science, have announced the winners in the second edition of the nanoKOMIK challenge. In the 2017 edition the challenge was divided into two categories: the category of teenagers (14 to 18-year-olds) and the category of adults (over-18s).The first prize in the teenagers’ category went to the comic Besaluze; the winner was Jonas Casado-Etxeberria (Hernani) for his entry about a lazy hero who uses his bionic arm.The first prize in the adults’ category went all the way to Australia since the winner was the illustrator Aśka for an entry entitled QUBLINGS - the espionage mission to Pluto which tells of the voyage of the Pluto mission of two all-powerful spies who share thoughts through quantum intertwining. Apart from the main prizes, second prizes were also awarded in each category as well as the people's choice prize.

Through the nanoKOMIK challenge CIC nanoGUNE and the DIPC are seeking to convey to the general public the potential of the advances taking place in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology and to stimulate the creativity of youngsters.The most original ideas entered for the challenge will be included in an informative comic, as in the previous edition.The project is co-funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECIT)- Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competiveness.

70 ‘comic cartoonists’ participated in this second nanoKOMIK challenge with entries in Basque, Spanish and English. Most of the participants were from the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarre, but there were also entries from Spain and abroad (Puerto Rico, Australia, etc.). All the entries can be seen on the www.nanokomik.com website.

The panel of judges this year was made up of Irune Arnaez (KomikiGUNE), Jon Ander Arregi (physicist at the Brno University of Technology), Ricardo Diez-Muiño (director of the DIPC), Angel L. Fernández (editor of Jotdown), Hodei Iparragirre (cartoonist) and Itziar Otegui (communications officer at nanoGUNE).

Details of the five prize-winning entries

Category of Adults

First prize:

The panel of judges highlighted the capacity to transfer such a difficult subject to explain as quantum communication to the comic, and also the combination of science and humour in the script.The quality of the illustrations and the complexity of their structure were also worthy of mention.

Second prize:

  • Title:Teknaria
  • Author:Jose Sénder-Quintana (Barcelona, Spain)

In the view of the panel of judges, apart from quality illustrations, the dispute between the powers arising out of nanoscience and other types of powers wasskilfully built into the script.


Category of teenagers

First prize:

  • Title:Besaluze.
  • Author:Jonas Casado-Etxeberria (Hernani, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country)

The panel of judges decided that this was the best entry among those submitted as it succeeded in incorporating humour plus an original story into the script. Points were also awarded for the dynamic structure and quality of the illustrations.

Second prize:

The panel of judges stressed the originality of the script and the resources of the comic used to enrich the story.

People’s choice award:

  • Title:Hackgirl
  • Author: Rubén Molina (Barcelona, Spain)

The Hackgirl entry got the most points in the open vote in which the general public participated via the www.nanokomik.com website.